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Or is it just a picture shell

Or is it just a picture shell

(perhaps not getting dummies. )

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Rodent apps tend to be rodent-fm, rodent-pkg, rodent-iconmgr, rodent-diff and you may rat-fgr. If you need, you could potentially down load each of these bundles directly within following the sites:

Current information

New release is in the range. find out this here Whenever appdata data files are carried out and you can es.po completed release would-be set shed.

Rodent 5.dos.8 now has the newest rat-pkg plugin, version 5.2.step one, and therefore now is look, build and remove bundles into the RedHat and OpenSUSE systems, along with FreeBSD. A variety of quick bugfixes are actually in the librfm-5.2.9. RPM bundles (lintian waiting for the OpenSUSE twelve.3) are in reality designed for all the Rodent software, as well as for the new meta bundle with most of the. Appreciate!

This is certainly an effective tarball just launch. So it version now comes with a deal administration GUI getting FreeBSD, set-up just like the a plug-in having Rodent Filemanager. It is called rat-pkg. Not absolutely all pkg commands appear automagically —only those I’ve checked so you’re able to pleasure— but may feel allowed easily if you’d like to sample ’em. They’ll most likely really works, since the code is the same as that getting checked-out function. Nastavi sa čitanjem