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As to the reasons contradict homosexual relationship based on the Bible?

As to the reasons contradict homosexual relationship based on the Bible?

It is not a hit to your reputation out-of whoever does not trust homosexual relationships, I recently has actually a concern about the bible and its particular definitions.

Really don’t question that the bible describes relationship once the ranging from a person and you may a woman. But not, we all know that this definition was not fundamentally decided from the people during the time. We come across that the men of your Old testament got multiple wives and you may slept together with other people once they necessary to; for reproductive intentions (Abraham), when they got one or more partner (David, soloman), an such like. Whenever they called for a partner, they even took virgins off nearby towns it defeated. Goodness and you can Paul never given patterns having proper matchmaking. Very demonstrably, this is is not grayscale. There is a tiny step room (no matter if it is only for men).

2nd, We checked up the passages on which the newest definitions regarding wedding was, to find out if a married relationship “ceremony” is previously said in the Bible. I can not find one anywhere. Whatever you connect with “traditional” relationship is absent throughout the bible. It’s just defined as making ones moms and dads and you may uniting because that. That’s it. All else i relate to matrimony is simply lifestyle that we extra over the years.

Right myself with the one area, however, predicated on the thing i discover, relationships try fluid. It had been alot more unlock at the time the new bible try written and you will definitely we can enable it to be a great deal more discover now.

Individuals you don’t have to accuse myself of having never ever comprehend the fresh new Bible or not read it right through. Nastavi sa čitanjem