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Bible tongues weren’t required once perfect revelation emerged

Bible tongues weren’t required once perfect revelation emerged

6. The new Testament scriptures were the perfect revelation you to definitely finished and changed new Spirit’s revelatory gift ideas, that have been every limited (We Cor 13:9-10). All the chapel next had God’s complete disclosure (II Tim step three:16-17; II Pet step one:19). The brand new context need an evaluation off limited and you will best disclosure, maybe not the brand new upcoming regarding God Christ.

seven. Bible tongues was basically childish and you can young. Paul utilized an effective metaphor from individual advancement examine new second-rate disclosure from religious gift ideas towards best revelation of your own Bible. As the adults store childish some thing, thus Christians would put away childish things such as tongues (I Cor ).

New church was then in infancy, nevertheless would soon solution to help you an older phase which have better knowledge

8. Bible tongues conveyed simply obscure studies. Paul told Corinth that gifts merely offered unknown knowledge of Jesus and his commonly into churches. He advised her or him that the complete Scriptures would allow them to get in prime detail, like face to face (We Cor a). The fresh context needs an evaluation of unknown and you will detail by detail degree, not the brand new future out-of Jesus Christ.

Bible tongues had a particular prevent

nine. Bible tongues communicated merely limited training. Paul coached one to revelatory merchandise merely provided partial studies, but the done New-testament would provide prime training, actually with the amount of detail that Jesus realized Paul (We Cor b compared to 13:9-10). The fresh context means a comparison of partial and you may primary knowledge, maybe not the new future out-of Jesus Christ.

ten. Bible tongues could not touch Bible revelation. Nastavi sa čitanjem