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Part 4: Battle with the latest Black Lord

Part 4: Battle with the latest Black Lord

Greenhorne Castle

Main post: “King” Golem After the champion warns the brand new King regarding going assault of the Dark Lord, this new King only dismisses it, seeing it just an effective “extreme story”. New King, however, soon rapidly changes his head since his very own face is actually taken, used to summon the fresh new “King” Golem. Just like the character discovers the new taken face, the new King pleads for them to help your because the competition initiate.

Arid Frontier

When the team visits get the new Prince regarding good Close House, the new Griffin ambushes the class. Even after the fresh new inadequate prince, the new class manages to overcome it.

Section 2: Neksdor

The night time before the group gets in Neksdor, the brand new Black Lord seems and you will steals every teammates, and surrounds new Inn into the a keen eerie sparkle. The fresh protagonist wakes doing come across their teammates moved, the fresh new guardian advising him or her concerning attack. Nastavi sa čitanjem