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The Virginia Versatility of information Operate (FOIA), discovered § dos

The Virginia Versatility of information Operate (FOIA), discovered § dos

From inside the promoting it coverage, FOIA requires that regulations feel interpreted liberally, and only availableness, which people different making it possible for public record information to get withheld must feel translated narrowly

2-3700 mais aussi. seq. of one’s Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the Commonwealth and you may agencies of one’s media availability to public records held by social authorities, personal authorities, and you may social employees.

The fresh new Rights from Requesters and the Responsibilities of your Assistive Technical Loan Financing Expert Beneath the Virginia Freedom of data Operate

A public record try any creating or recording – it doesn’t matter if it is a newspaper checklist, an electronic file, a sound otherwise video tape, and other structure – that’s wishing or belonging to, or in brand new palms out-of a community looks otherwise its officers, teams otherwise representatives from the purchase away from public team. Nastavi sa čitanjem