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New company keeps all of the cards on relationship

New company keeps all of the cards on relationship


This one is pretty earliest: a worker is on anything but equivalent surface employing boss. Employees are constantly liberated to exit, but unless it’s a rare problem where manager need brand new personnel over vice versa, the power dynamic try slanted greatly about employer’s favor.

Again, let’s contrast that to the average customer relationship. There is nothing more important to a business than customers. Nothing. But each individual customer, taken in isolation, provides fixed value. Both sides know this, and tend to treat each other much more like equals than superior and subordinate.

Various other note/disclosure: you can take that idea much too far, become ungrateful to all of your customers, subsequently lose all of them, and be in the same place as if a boss tells you “you’re fired”. The necessity of customers cannot be overstated. But again – this is a discussion of the differences between these two sets of relationships. It is not meant to be a suggestion on how to maintain customer satisfaction. That is a totally separate topic for another article.

Issue in Cancellation regarding Matchmaking

Businesses can feel trapped as well. Even though they may not be totally enamored with a keen employee’s abilities, the thought of replacing them will be daunting. Nastavi sa čitanjem