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Macklemore Opens Up About Sobriety and Relapsing During Pandemic

It can be hard for fans, peers and loved ones to know quite what to do with an artist like Lil Peep, whose death last year from a suspected Xanax-linked overdose upended the hip-hop and punk scenes alike. Mensa’s “The Autobiography” was a landmark in this conversation last year. The album is unsparing about his own descent into addiction but wise and empathetic about the causes of dependency and the possibility of redemption. He may rap about blood and gore, but Tyler, the Creator says “no to drugs, I never spark it.” The Odd Future leader has a strict stance against drug use, despite being surrounded by it. Judging by his boundless energy and creative mind, he’s doing just fine without it. While some superstars are able to overcome addiction and clean up their acts quietly and swiftly, it takes others years of struggle.
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Of course, there are plenty of other musical genres that discuss substance use – just look at country music and alcohol, or the many drug references in hair metal. Part of the association might well be racist or biased in nature. After all, hip-hop is traditionally an African-American thing, and many people who still believe that drug use is a moral failing or a pastime for the poor like to point fingers at minorities. In truth, many rappers recognize that drugs are a blight on their communities and communicate that through their songs. At the height of his career, while he was producing award-winning albums, he was battling alcohol and drug addiction. He even had an overdose that nearly cost him his life.

Rapper, producer create frank music on addiction, recovery

The music video, directed by Chris Robinson, premiered on September 30 via Vevo and various MTV networks. The video was about a young school boy who was bullied but had the urge to stand up after being motivated by listening to songs by Eminem and Lil Wayne. They performed “No Love” on Saturday Night Live on December 18, 2010. Macklemore is another rapper who has worked incredibly hard to disprove the glamorization of drug use. He has been very public about his past drug use and rappers in recovery recent relapses. He has released several songs about the negative aspects of drug abuse and has even challenged the prescription drug industry on their role in the drug addiction trend. While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction. There are many sober rappers in the hip hop community. Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey.

  • I would never have had a career in music had I not been able to go to treatment.
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In “the rap game” it is prevalent and even glorified but addiction is even a problem for them. Recovery Unplugged offers a team of experienced and qualified doctors and nurses who are trained to treat addiction and related health issues. We also have psychiatrists, counselors and social workers on staff to provide a full spectrum of care. Recovery Unplugged uses the natural emotional connection we all have with music to help clients more readily embrace traditional evidence-based treatment practices. Recovery Unplugged is in-network Sober House with most insurance companies to help make your or your loved one’s care more accessible. Contact us now to find out what your plan covers and start your treatment. EAP Services We work with companies to provide education on workplace substance abuse and get employees help they need. Lake Worth Full scope of services, including medical detox as well as outpatient and residential rehab in Lake Worth. “Not Afraid” is a single from his Recovery album, and is a triumphant anthem about overcoming struggles to stand proud.

Sober Rappers Who Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

Michelson says this move was done with the intent of acquainting her daughter with body-positive lyrics that would boost her confidence. Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore provides insight in a story that looks at how Black female rappers are helping support positive body image for Black girls. “Japanese album certifications – Eminem – Recovery” . “French album certifications – Eminem – Recovery” . “Canadian album certifications – Eminem – Recovery”. “Austrian album certifications – Eminem – Recovery” .
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In its ninth week of release the album remained at number one for its seventh non-consecutive week and sold 116,000 copies. By March 2011, the album was number one on the all-time list of albums with the most digital sales, with over 922,000 copies digitally sold at the time. As of July 2011, the album broke the digital record and became the first album to sell one million digital copies. It held the record for most digital albums sold, but was later outsold by Adele’s 21 album. On August 18, 2011, the album was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in shipments and sales.

One good thing is he was quick to point out where he had made his mistakes and what brought him to relapse. Between stress from his work, feeling disconnected, and not keeping up with his program of action which he used to maintain sobriety he found himself wondering if he could safely use, which turned out not to in his best interests. So it was a bit of a bummer recently to hear he admitted in an interview he’s in the process of recovering from a relapse. Still, his honesty should be admired considering how difficult it can be for some, and his shared experience might help others avoid making similar choices. The well-known hip-hop artist Macklemore, born Ben Haggerty, earned himself quite a following a few years ago when he broke out on the scene with his breakout album,The Heist, which won him the 2014 Grammy for Best Rap Album. Macklemore and collaborator Ryan Lewis also scored the Best New Artist Award, along with a bunch of No. 1 singles. Eminem acknowledges having what he calls an addict’s brain, so he thinks of it as having replaced one addiction with another, healthier one.

Kendrick debates the consequences of continuing to drink more alcohol and the societal pressures that are pushing him to do it. Seemingly triggered by the death of Lil Peep, Lil Uzi Vert announced he was going sober on social media in November 2017.

Addiction Controlled Steven Tyler:His Story

Learn more about our mental health services. One thing setting Macklemore apart from his peers was his speaking openly about his recovery from drugs and alcohol, and his music sending messages of hope and inspiration. His status as a sober musician was very public and seemed to draw even more fans toward his positive influence with some inspiring songs about recovery from addiction. Pittsburgh rapper who draws his songs from his own lengthy history with drug addiction and recovery. Recovery (stylized as RECOVƎRY) is the seventh studio album by American rapper Eminem.