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Five choices features high mitigation prospective (>step 3 GtCO

Five choices features high mitigation prospective (>step 3 GtCO

dose yr –1 ) without adverse impacts on the other challenges (high confidence). These are: increased food productivity; reduced deforestation and forest degradation; increased soil organic carbon content; fire management; and reduced post-harvest losses.

Several next options having high minimization prospective, weightloss changes and you may reduced restaurants spend, haven’t any globally prices to possess adaptation however, let you know no negative impacts along side other challenges. Four choices: improved cropland management; increased grazing homes managements; agroforestry; integrated liquids government; and you may forest administration, features average mitigation prospective, no unfavorable has an effect on on the other demands (large rely on).

Higher aspects of monoculture bioenergy crops one displace other house spends may cause belongings competition, which have negative effects to own dinner production, eating application, which means that dining cover, also unwanted effects to possess property destruction, biodiversity, and you can drinking water shortage (medium confidence)

16 response options possess large variation potential (over twenty five billion individuals benefit), instead side-effects to the most other homes pressures (highest confidence). These are enhanced eating yields, enhanced cropland administration, agroforestry, agricultural diversification, forest management, enhanced floor natural carbon dioxide posts, less landslides and you can sheer danger, repairs and faster conversion regarding coastal wetlands, smaller blog post-harvest loss, alternative sourcing, handling of also have chains, increased food processing and you may selling, increased times include in eating options, livelihood diversity, usage of local vegetables, and you will disaster risk administration (large believe). Nastavi sa čitanjem